Our restorations start off with a full evaluation of the vehicle, spending time with the customer to come up with a bespoke build sheet listening to the requirements of the owner. The vehicle is then stripped down, carefully labelling & boxing up all the parts, taking photo's as we strip down. The chassis/bodyshell is then sent to have the necessary treatment. During the build we are constantly in touch with the owner, keeping them up to date with progress, pictures are sent via email to show the work involved. Once the vehicle is completed we put around 250 miles on the vehicle to get the initial 'bedding' in process done. When we hand the vehicle over to the customer, they are given a full break down of what was done/fitted, a CD of pictures showing the process and of course the all important insurance valuation!

Here are some examples of work we've done recently on TR's and other cars. Click on the image for more details of the restoration.