Bentley Arnage T Black Label Luxury Saloon 2002/02 £29995.00

2002/02 Bentley Arnage T Black label luxury saloon –

One of the last of the traditionally built Bentley motor cars. Built using superior materials to its successors the Arnage was filled to the brim with Leather and wood veneer, Bentley embossed gauges/seats and filled with gadgets operated with quality metal switches.. Sitting in this car feels like an event – Shouting luxury throughout echoing Bentley’s produced before it.

So, The car itself. Powered by the 6.75 Rolls Royce power unit equipped with 2 turbo charges which subsequently made the Arnage T the most powerful production Bentley ever produced. At 459BHP and 645lbf-ft of torque propells this car to 60MPH in less than 6 seconds and then on to 170MPH.

This car itself? one of the very best of examples available on the market. This vehicle has covered just over 58,000 miles from new documented through the detailed service history. When studying the service history (a combination of the original service book, invoices and MOT certificates. You can see that the car has been serviced every 4000 miles with no stone un-turned with regards to its maintenance. The most recent works to note in the history is the last MAJOR service in September 2015 ( 56,221 miles) at Paul Mackley Engineering (Rolls Royce and Bentley specialists). This consisted of the renewal of: Coolant, brake fluid, gearbox oil, engine oil, spark plugs, diff oil, petrol filter and oil filter. To follow This the vehicle then had a routine annual service in August 2016 (57,236) before the previous owner sold. It was then presented again to Paul Mackley  Engineering in October 2017 (57,851) to be inspected and for any faults to be rectified – Work consisted of an Annual service, front brake discs and pads, A full professional road wheel refurbishment to the 19″ split rims along with some smaller items. In total the cost of the works was £2,791.

Overall the vehicles service intervals are as follows:

16/05/02 Bentley Manchester – 938 miles

24/04/03 Bentley Manchester – 4163 Miles

05/04/04 Bentley Byfleet, Surrey – 10,317

25/10/04 Bentley Byfleet, Surrey – 14,108

09/09/05 Bentley Byfleet, Surrey – 18,382

19/10/06 Benltey BYfleet, Surrey – 23,565,

20/04/07 Hanwell’s Bentley specialists – 24,379

10/09/07 Hanwell’s Bentley specialists – 28,141

17/01/08 Hanwell’s Bentley specialists – 36,210

20/01/09 Hanwell’s Bentley specialists – 38,509

17/06/10 Hanwell’s Bentley specialists – 42,324

20/06/11 Hanwell’s Bentley specialists – 44,622

01/03/12 Hanwells’s Bentley specialists – 47,370

05/09/12 Hanwell’s Bentley specialists – 50,677

26/07/13 Paul Mackley engineering – 52,841

12/09/14 Paul Mackley engineering – 54,838

04/09/15 Paul Mackley engineering – 56,221

18/08/16 Paul Mackley engineering – 57,236

05/10/17 Paul Mackley engineering – 57,821

Along with the impeccable service history there is an equally impressive vehicle spec. The equipment included with the car is as follows. Quilted leather “Bentley” embroidered seats, Electric adjustable seats, heated seats, electric windows, electric wing mirrors, Satnav, Air conditioning, cruise control, rear view camera, DVD player, Bluetooth stereo/phone system, 19″ factory split rim Bentley Alloys with Brand new Pirelli P-Zero tires.

The list of spec goes on – This vehicle is not to be missed. With such a high spec and a history file to dream of this car is very good value for money.