Richard & Meg Durrant

Just over ten years ago I sold my 185 BHP Westfield in the interest of prolonging my life and bought the TR4A as more appropriate to my reflexes and Meg’s comfort….. Since then, TRE have undertaken work on the TR4A, taking on major jobs that I either couldn’t be bothered, or wasn’t competent to undertake, or wanted doing properly first time!

They have undertaken projects including upgrading engine and chassis/drivetrain to hill climb/sprint specification while maintaining reasonable flexibility for touring, in addition to other work suggested by Thomas Boyd which I “might as well have done while they have the car”!!!

TR Enterprises continues to invest in providing a top quality service to the classic sports car movement, with excellent facilities and friendly and knowledgeable staff (none of whom can make a decent cup of tea!).  I will continue to use TRE where appropriate, if only to maintain the social interchange…..!

Give them a call and arrange a visit – you will not be disappointed.